Barceloneta’s first half storm seals another win

Day 13, Group A – Zodiac CNA Barceloneta (ESP) v NC Vouliagmeni (GRE) 13-6

Barceloneta didn’t leave it late to build a massive lead – by halftime they were 8-1 up, showing no mercy towards the Greeks. After a relatively modest start, as they gained a 2-0 advantage in the opening period, they added six in the second, including a three action-goal haul in 110 seconds before the middle break.

When Dusan Matkovic made it 9-1 two minutes into the third quarter, things looked really bad from Vouligameni’s perspective. Then they had a better spell as they netted two while managed to shut out the Spaniards for the remaining six minutes.

The last period was also more balanced, though the hosts kicked off this chapter with three goals in a row, the Greeks could also reply – so after the 8-1 rout in the first half, they held Barceloneta on a 5-5 tie in the second.

Barceloneta bagged three more points to stay in pole position in Group A and need a point in the last round to secure the top spot – since they face Dinamo, there is no question that they will do their homework in ten days. At the same time, Vouliagmeni had to stay tuned till the evening – Recco’s probable win over Jadran would seal their F8 berth too.

How they saw it

Elvis Fatovic, coach, Barceloneta

We expected a tough game as Vouliagmeni showed a lot of quality and how they played in this season and by most probably making the Final Eight they proved those things. I was happy how we played in the first three quarters and now our mind is on the final of the Spanish championship.”

Vladimir Vujasinovic, coach, Vouliagmeni

“We are now waiting for the result of the evening game in Recco, hope they will win against Jadran and we go to the Final Eight right this evening. Congratulations to Barceloneta for how they played during the season. Thanks for them to slow down after the second period and let us survive this game… Honestly, we tried to beat Barceloneta in order to avoid Recco in the semi-final but we didn’t succeed (laughing).”