Brescia roll on, hit season-high 16 in Berlin

Day 6, Group B – Spandau 04 Berlin (GER) v AN Brescia (ITA) 10-16

In the first five rounds, Brescia offered rock-solid defending in most of their matches, limiting their rivals to 4-6 goals at home, got only 8 in Dubrovnik, the only exception was their defeat in Belgrade when the Serbs managed to break them with 11 hits.

After the action-packed opening period where the Italians took a 3-5 lead, it seemed that this might be a different game – at least in the number of goals the spectators might see. It was, but only from that aspect – otherwise Brescia took firm control already in the second period.

Though Spandau pulled one back for 4-5, soon the Italians produced the perfect storm. Four possessions, four goals in a span of 2:15 minutes, three of those from Edoardo di Somma, and Brescia were 4-9 up – against them, barely any team had a chance to come back from five goals down.

Indeed, Spandau couldn’t do any miracle either. Brescia switched back a gear or two for the third, but the Germans could net only one in the first four minutes, while soon the Italians hit three again in quick succession for 6-12. From that point, goals were galore, six came apiece – credits to Spandau that they could end with double digits against Brescia, while the Italians set a new scoring record on their own for this season.