CN Marseille (FRA) v AN Brescia (ITA)

Day 7, Group B: CN Marseille (FRA) v AN Brescia (ITA) 5-13

Another game which highlighted the problems Marseille are having this season. They lost again, and lost by a lot – still, one cannot say that it was a lopsided match; the French were simply unable to realise their chances. They create them, but somehow they were missing the edge and after a while that started having an impact on their defending too.

Just take the first period: Brescia jumped to a 0-2 lead early, but the French pulled one back, then killed a man-down, soon had a 6 on 5 to go even but missed it and Vincenzo Renzuto scored from the ensuing counter. Instead of 2-2, it stood 1-3, then the hosts missed another extra still inside this period and that had devastating consequences.  

Like a whirlwind, the Italians blasted two action goals from their first two possessions in 29 seconds, and in a minute Stefano Luongo put away an extra for 1-6. Next came a 6 on 3 for Marseille – three were thrown out in seven seconds from the visitors –, they were still unable to get the ball behind Petar Tesanovic who came up with a great save. A minute later Renzuto showed how to make a simple man-up and Brescia led 1-7 – basically, the French were unable to turn any of the key moments to their favour. They had a slightly better spell then, an action goal, two killed man-downs but again, they missed a penalty in the dying seconds so couldn’t come back to four goals by halftime.

And Brescia opened the next chapter with a quick double, in a span of 45 seconds, and at 2-9 there was no way back for Marseille. They didn’t give in, still, their fighting spirit and aggressivity was fading, while Brescia ‘calmed down’ only in the fourth period and still won comfortably.