Flash Quotes Main Round Day 10

Group B

Astralpool Sabadell (ESP) v Jug Adriatic Osiguranje Dubrovnik (CRO)

Quim Colet, coach, Sabadell 

“This Tuesday we play against one of the best teams in the Champions League. We already saw their potential when we played in their pool. Even so, we are progressing little by little and the team is getting better and better in this competition. Our dream is to be able to beat a team like Jug.”

Fran Valera, player, Sabadell

“Our goal until the last day of the Champions League is to continue competing as we have done so far. This team is made to compete and try to win games by hard work and effort. For this reason, we are not going to give up winning any Champions League match although we know that Jug is an amazing team.”

Vjekoslav Kobescak, coach, Jug

“The match in Sabadell is perhaps the most important for us in the season, because with a victory we would take a decisive step towards the final tournament. We are not complete due to injuries, but we will do our best for these three crucial points.”

Loren Fatovic, player, Jug

“We had some problems against Sabadell in Dubrovnik in the first game, regardless of what the final result suggests otherwise, so I expect anything but an easy game on Tuesday. We really need points to achieve our goal, which is the Final 8 in Belgrade.”

Genesys OSC Budapest (HUN) v AN Brescia (ITA)

Daniel Varga, coach, OSC

“Tuesday evening, we will face one of the best water polo teams. Our goal is to play a good game so we could improve for the rest of the season.”

Marton Levai, goalie, OSC

“After the break in March, we continue against our group leader, Brescia. They have a good defence and are ready to leash punishing counter attacks after any mistake the opponents make. We have to be focused and disciplined to play a close match at home.”

Alessandro Bovo, coach, Brescia

“It’s going to be a difficult match against an excellent team which play good water polo.

This game is important for us because we want to win the group, however, after the break for the national team the return is always a bit complicated.”

Novi Beograd (SRB) v CN Marseille (FRA)

Zivko Gocic, coach, NBG

“The game against Marseille will be very difficult because a lot of our players were with national teams and their physical and mentally condition is not on a proper level because they played a lot of games in a short period of time. Because of that, we are trying to prepare physically ourselves in the best possible way, because we know that the game will be very tough. Marseille has a very good team, even if their position in group B doesn’t tell that. We are expecting a great battle in the pool, and I just hope that we will not have injured players. We will try to give our best once more, and if our performance is at a high level we can expect to win in the end.”

Dusan Mandic, player, NBG

“It is obvious that we are very tired since many of us played a lot of games for the national teams recently. But we are aware that we face a very important match against Marseille. I expect a very good and exciting game, because Marseille has an excellent team. They had a lot of good players, some of them are former Serbian national team players like Andrija Prlainovic. We need to be very focused and the key to the game is the defence, for sure. If we play well in defence and be aggressive and very motivated like we were in the game against FTC Budapest, I believe that we will win.”

Milos Scepanovic, coach, Marseille 

 “Above all, I hope that our players selected by the respective national teams will come back in good shape and not injured at the World Cup qualifiers. We are in the same situation as VK Novi Beograd which has committed players for that competition. This leaves very little time for either of the teams to prepare for this encounter. A good result would bring a lot of positive things, but I know it will be very complicated against the reigning European vice-champions.”

Michael Bodegas, player, Marseille

“Novi Beograd is a team that has been formed to win the Champions League. But in this match, the important thing is not the opponent but our team. We will have to be present in all the duels and bring that extra soul that we missed at the start of the season. We no longer have to make calculations, only impose our own identity and succeed in exploiting 100% the potential and qualities of each of us. We hope to play some great matches till the end of the season, this is what our club deserves.”

FTC-Telekom Budapest (HUN) v Spandau 04 Berlin (GER)

Zsolt Varga, coach, Ferencváros:

“Spandau is a bit underrated team. They have a lot of foreign players, the club have great traditions and they play a really good water polo. They proved it against Dubrovnik. We have to take them seriously and I think the defeat in Berlin still hurts us so we can gain enough strength from that disappointment to keep the three points at home.”

Soma Vogel, goalie, Ferencvaros:

“For me, every minute spent in the water counts, so if I play, I want to seize the opportunity, but the win is the most important. We want to fight back because of the defeat in Berlin and to claim all three points is a must for us.”

Athanasios Kechagias, coach, Spandau

“FTC Budapest is the favourite in this match, even though my team won the first leg in Berlin. We have been able to achieve some surprises this season, but we have not always been able to deliver consistent performances in the Champions League. From this point of view, I am curious to see how my players will present themselves in Budapest. We have prepared for this game and will try to achieve the best possible result.”

Luca Marziali, player, Spandau

“Everything is possible. FTC is a strong team with many internationally experienced players. Spandau has to be 100& ready for this game. I am looking forward to this game. I love big challenges and work hard to win every match if possible. We want to keep the possibility to qualify for the Final 8.”

Group A

Dinamo Tbilisi (GEO) v Radnicki Kragujevac (SRB)

Dejan Stanojevic, coach, Dinamo

“Our team is in a specific situation. There are 20 very tiring, demanding days behind us in which we burnt a lot of energy, both mentally and physically.  In 20 days, we travelled through three countries, five cities, and we played 12 matches, official ones and for practice as well.  All this required huge consumption and emptying the reserves. But this is a professional sport and there is no looking back, only forward, that’s why I ask that from my players. This Wednesday they have to give their maximum and produce a good and worthy game against a great and excellent team. Together, as a team, they have to fight for every ball and to play every defence with maximum effort, every swim on maximum speed. That’s what I ask, that’s what I demand from them. Just that. We respect the opponent, a top team with many fantastic players, an excellent coach, but no one can deny our obligation to give our best and hope for the best.”

Artem Dikhtyarenko, player, Dinamo

“Radnicki is a good team. We lost our first game by one goal, but now we are playing at home, and we have every chance to beat them. Our victory in the match against Hannover gave us confidence and we will continue to go for pleasing our fans.”

Uros Stevanovic, coach, Radnicki

“After the defeat against Jadran, we significantly reduced our chances of reaching the Final Eight. However, we will try to win every game until the end of the season, and we will not give up as long as there is a chance.”

Nemanja Stanojevic, player, Radnicki

“Dinamo is not a team to be underestimated, as they showed in the last round by winning in Hanover. They gave us a lot of trouble in our pool in the first game, and we know we have to give our best to win this away game.”

Pro Recco (ITA) v Waspo 98 Hannover (GER)

Tommaso Negri, player, Pro Recco

“We’re coming from a period of break, after the defeat in Milan against Barceloneta we have a great desire for “revenge”, to return to winning ways to achieve our goal, to take the first place in the group. We only met today altogether, but I don’t think this represents a problem: the players returning from the national teams are in great shape, they’ve played five games, but the coach gave them a few days to catch their breath and recover the energy spent in the World Cup. Waspo Hannover is at the bottom of the group, but they have several interesting players in the roster, and it will be an excellent test for us. Lavagna swimming pool will give us a big boost, we are really pleased with this initiative of the travelling Champions because we perceive the enthusiasm of the youngest who can’t wait to come and support us live, always creating a splendid atmosphere. We are sure that Lavagna will also respond warmly and with a sell-out on Wednesday.”

Karsten Seehafer, coach, Hannover

“Playing games against Recco is an honour and we want to play good water polo, but in reality, we have no chance. After this gameday we have the German Cup, and the best preparation for that is to play against Recco.”

Alexander Radovic, player, Hannover

“This week is about to prepare for the most important weekend of this season. Now we’re playing against Pro Recco, which we need to use to improve for the cup final against Spandau. Pro Recco is the best team in the world, but we only think about our game.”

Zodiac CNA Barceloneta (ESP) v Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE)

Elvis Fatovic, coach, Barceloneta

“We meet with a great team with a great coach. In our last match, the outcome was uncertain until the very end. We will see which team regenerated better after the natioan teams’ duties.”

Marc Larumbe, player, Barceloneta

“The game against Olympiacos comes in a difficult moment, for both teams, because of the series of games played in Podgorica and Zagreb with the national teams. However, I hope we can enjoy a very good match. We must be grateful for this kind of match we can play at home.”

Luke Pavillard, player, Barceloneta

“I, and I’m sure everyone on the team, is really looking forward to the game against Olympiacos. It’s an opportunity to put us in a great position for the Final 8, but we know it won’t be easy. Going to their home and coming away with a win was great for us, but it just means they’ll be out looking for revenge. I’m sure it will be a great game and I can’t wait for it!”

Igor Milanovic, coach, Olympiacos

“We are going to Spain to take revenge. Our players are dedicated themselves to win the game. We have some injury problems, but I think we can have a good game there. I don’t think about defeat, I believe in the hearts of my players.”

Marko Bijac, goalie, Olympiacos

“It will be one of the most difficult games for us in the season. Barceloneta play very well in their pool, it’s difficult for all the teams there. We know they want to win. We didn’t have much time to prepare for this match. We had a few trainings together, but I hope we will give our best and continue winning. It’s a crucial time in the season, it will be a difficult game, but we’re going for the victory.”

Jadran Split (CRO) v NC Vouliagmeni (GRE)

Jure Marelja, coach, Jadran

“This is a crucial game for the Final Eight spot. We are optimistic and we hope we shall win. We were really close in the away game, now we know what to do.”

Mate Anic, goalie, Jadran

“It’s a big game for us. We are in a good shape, full of wish to go through to the Final Eight. This win would be a great step forward…”

Vladimir Vujasinovic, coach, Vouliagmeni

“After two and a half weeks, the clubs can finally play again. We have a derby in the Greek championship on Saturday, and then the game in Split on Wednesday, which is a very important one for both teams. We are very satisfied with what we have done so far in the group stage, and we are very motivated to continue the same way.”

Nikolaos Papasifakis, player, Vouliagmeni

“Our next game against Jadran is important for both sides, as the winning team will most likely reach the final 8. We recognise Jadran’s strengths and abilities. There is great potential in both teams, and that would surely produce a strong game. Nevertheless, we will be preparing for a victorious outcome on our end!”