Harder than expected, but Brescia make 3/3

Group B, Day 3: AN Brescia (ITA) v Astralpool Sabadell (ESP) 7-4

After big wins against Jug and FTC, Brescia was the outstanding favourite at home against Sabadell, but the Italians found it extremely difficult to break the Spaniards’ defence. They led only 5-3 before the last period, but their experience and physical superiority prevailed at the end – and in today’s water polo limiting one’s rival to four goals is a great feat at this level, and Brescia managed to do that for the second time in two weeks in the Champions League (beat FTC 8-4).

How they saw it

Alessandro Bovo, coach, Brescia

“We played very well in defence, we had quality in man-downs. We had problems in attack, our man-ups didn’t work as I expected, but we had a lot of health issues in the recent days so I’m happy that we won again.”

Quim Colet, coach, Sabadell

“I should say, I’m happy with the match. Brescia is a very strong team, we have a very young side, so I’m very satisfied with our performance. And there were a couple of moments, when things could have happened differently, a penalty would have brought us to 4-4, instead of 5-3, so we could have a much closer result.”