OSC take first win in a thriller

Group B, Day 4 – Genesys OSC (HUN) v Astralpool Sabadell (SRB) 9-8

The two teams coming from the qualifications produced an extraordinary game with a lot of twists and turns.

The Spaniards took a flying start, netted two action goals in two minutes, and even though later missed three man-ups in a row, Lluc Bertrand’s 6m shot gave them a 0-3 lead. OSC could finally score their first after 6:15 minutes, from an extra, but once they found the back of the net, their game started clicking. First in defence, then deep into the second their offence too. Another man-up goal brought them closer, then arrived a double in 51 seconds and the Magyars took the lead. What’s more, Krisztian Manhercz converted a penalty with 1:08 till the middle break to complete a 5-0 run. Sabadell weren’t done, however, and in these remaining 68 seconds they could came back to even with two man-up goals, ending their 9:26 minute-long drought.

That somewhat pushed back the Hungarians, they missed a man-up early in the third and soon Sabadell retook the lead, thanks to Francisco Valera’s action shot. And they could have doubled their lead but hit the post, then a save denied them in back-to-back 6 on 5s, so Vince Vigvari could equalise from a counter. Andres Veich replied from action, but Manhercz also did a clean job in a man-up 20 seconds before the last break for 7-7, and a neck-by-neck battle was in sight for the final quarter.

Sabadell missed an extra in the first possession, then Marton Toth hit one from close range in a 6 on 5. Marton Levai came up big and caught Kanstantin Averka’s penalty, then Sabadell missed another man-up. It was a huge fight, Sabadell had denied shots before Bernat Sanahuja could beat the goalie with 1:40 to go for 8-8. The Hungarians earned their second extra in this period and made it as well, Manhercz scored his third with 68 seconds remaining. It turned out to be the winner as Sabadell had two more shots, but neither made it to the net, Levai delivered his 9th save in the dying seconds to secure OSC’s first win in the season.