Recco needed two periods to secure another win

Group A, Day 4: Pro Recco (ITA) v NC Vouliagmeni (GRE) 14-7

As a prelude to the game, Recco President Maurizio Felugo handed over a commemorative plaque to Vouliagmeni’s coach Vlado Vujasinovic, who had spent seven outstanding seasons in Recco and won three Champions League titles with club (alongside Felugo, later was also coach of the team). However, the warm welcome ended here as Recco showed no mercy to the Greek newcomers as the hosts netted four connecting goals after 1-1 to put the game onto the expected track.

Indeed, the two sides were never on level in the first half, the title-holders were overwhelming right from the beginning. Vouliagmeni fought hard but were unable to stop Recco’s offence which hit 11 goals in the first half and led by six. As usual with the Italian side, it was once more a great team effort, eight players were on the scoring list and none of them had more than two goals in the first sixteen minutes.

Then in the third, they took off their feet from the gas, at least in front. After netting six in the first period and five in the second, their first goal in the third came after 6:22 minutes, from a penalty. At the same time, they still kept their backyard in safe, not letting Vouliagmeni score either – in fact they shut them out for the third period.

By the fourth, Recco let it go – with the Christmas holidays in mind, they pushed it even less, a bit uncharacteristically they netted only one goal in the fourth. An 11-5 first half was followed by a 3-2 partial score in the second, still, it was more than enough for another convincing win.

How they saw it

Sandro Sukno, coach, Recco

“I’m very satisfied, we did well both defensively and offensively, the start was great, again at both ends, so now we can go home for the Christmas break and take some rest.”

Vladimir Vujasinovic, coach, Vouliagmeni

“We did our best, they are just too strong for us, at least now. I hope we can grow as a team in the following months because we will play again in April in our pool, and I hope by then we can play a bit better.”